Best Tattoos For Girls

Here are the best tattoos for girls:

Cute. Cute tattoos include everything from girly designs like flowers to feminine styles like butterfly tattoos. Cute tats are the most common design that girls get.

Sexy. Sexy tattoos involve not just design, but also placement of the design. For instance a foot tattoo can be very sexy. Belly tattoos and low back tattoo designs have also been considered very sexy.

Girl Power. Tattoos displaying strength of woman are some of the best tattoos for girls. Dragon tattoos for instance are very powerful and signify strength, while at the same time being very intricate and beautiful.

Beautiful Designs. As mentioned, the dragon tattoo can be both beautiful and dangerous looking. Some very beautiful designs are also mural style designs. Flowers, vines, and vibrant coloring makes for very beautiful ink.

Simple and Small. Some of the best tattoos for girls are small designs. Girls can get away with going very small for their tattoo, where as a small tattoo on a guy can look weak and silly. But a small design can ber very cute and sexy for girls.

Old School Designs. Some old school tattoos can actually work great for girls. Especially old school pinup girl designs! Look at some of the ink that the Suicide Girls have for examples of old school designs that work well for women.

Girlfriend Tattoos. Girls tend to put real meaning behind their ink. Many girlfriends will get together and choose the same or similar tattoos to get as a symbol of strong and special friendship. Tiny star tattoos work great for this. Each girl will pick a colored star, then all the girls will get their girlfrineds tiny star tattooed on them!

The BEST Way to Find a Tattoo

There are many ways to find a great tattoo. You can look through books, magazines, or check out the walls at tattoo parlors. While these methods may work for finding a great design, they are far from the BEST way to find a tattoo. Check it out:

You want to find your tattoo in an efficient manner while at the same time being able to look at as many high quality work as possible, so you are ensured that you’ve seen the best of the best and will have no regrets over your decision. Nowdays there is only one place you can do that:

Tattoo galleries online. There are actual galleries on the internet which you can join and find high quality work which you can download, print out, take to the parlor and get inked.

This is the new way to find tattoos. It’s fast, convenient and the work is excellent, high quality designs. And it’s a ton of FUN! If you are into looking at cool tattoo work, online galleries are the place to go.

It’s easy too. The good galleries will have everything listed in categories. So if you are looking for strictly tribal designs, you don’t have to scour through butterfly designs to get to the killer tribal work.

BEWARE: All online tattoo galleries are not the same! There are low quality, free sites which likely won’t be worth your while unless you want the most basic of designs. For quality work and the latest designs you’ll have to join up a respected tattoo site which offers the best out there and continually updates the work so you don’t miss out on anything new coming out.

Here is a respected online tattoo gallery which has the best designs on the internet and constantly updates itself with the latest work.

How to Get the Best Tattoo Possible

If you really want to get the best tattoo possible, then you owe it to yourself to go through these three questions and learn what it takes to have NO regrets with your ink decision. Check it out:

Should I Even Get A Tattoo?

Seriously, ask yourself this question because some people are actually better off without ink. If you have something personal you want to say, a quality you want permanently embedded on you, a tribute you want to give, or anything else that says something or holds personal importance, then the ink is probably for you. BUT, if you are just jumping on the trend bandwagon and look at getting a tattoo as just another fashion statement, then do yourself a favor and SKIP THE INK. You will only regret it years later as your fashion tattoo loses it’s trend appeal and you look more foolish than “cool”.

What Design Should I Get?

This is a big one. Going along with the advice above, if you notice a design that all your friends are getting or one that is becoming popular, then do yourself a favor and run in the other direction. Don’t jump on the trendy stuff. Instead seek out more original and unique work, and specifically work that really speaks to you. Look at your design as ART. What really moves you? Find a design that stands out for YOU. One that you can look at over and over, and it does something. It can make you feel stronger or it can just put a solid grin on your face and make you feel better no matter the situation.

Where Do I Find High Quality Work?

Finding good, high quality work is very important. And nowadays, the best place to find such work is online. Specifically, an online tattoo gallery. These sites have endless designs in every important category and most of the work is very strong quality wise. You can’t beat the convenience of logging on to your computer and at your own leisure (or if you are bored at work) going through all the different designs, bookmarking your favorites and going back to them later for further examination to find the best quality design that really speaks to you.

Tattoo Gallery for the Best Tattoo Ideas

The best place to find a tattoo is through some sort of tattoo gallery. Here you’ll be able to view hundreds of designs and have no regrets when you finally do make your choice. Seeing the best designs is exciting and motivating when looking for that right tat to get inked. Here’s some of the best forms of tattoo galleries:

1. Tattoo museum: Some cities do have small tattoo museums which are a blast to check out and see many of the vintage designs. Check around and there just may be a museum in a neighboring city close by. Often times some of the actual tattoo parlors will double as mini museums, where you can browse and look at all kinds of designs from the past.

2. Tattoo parlor: Tattoo parlor’s have hundreds of designs to look at in their books and on their walls. This serves as a great gallery where you browse through designs, plus view photographs of the actual tattoo minutes after it was placed on the customer, to get an idea of how it will actually look.

3. Tattoo Online Gallery: Here’s an excellent way to view thousands of amazing designs, without even having to leave your home. Now days galleries on the internet have sprung up, where they collect the best designs out there, both new and old, and include many styles from tribal to modern to vintage, and so on. It’s really the best of the best of whats out there, and it makes it easy for anyone to browse through tons of designs, on their own time, at their own leisure.

Best and Worst Places to Get a Tattoo

The question that I get most often from people who do not have tattoo’s is, “Does it hurt?” and the answer to that question is, “Yes.” Then their follow up question will be, “What does it feel like?” Of course the answer will probably differ from person to person but the best way I can describe it is, it feels like you are getting stung by hundreds of bees at the same time.

So if you are interested in getting a tattoo, please know that getting a tattoo on your body is going to hurt, but there are definitely more and less painful places on your body you could get on. So this leads me to inform you on the most and least painful places on your body to get a tattoo. Please keep in mind every person differs from pain levels, this is just a general consensus.

Most Painful:

1. The ankles or top of your feet

2. Eyebrows

3. Chest or rib cage

4. Your private areas

5. The elbow

6. Eyelids

7. Knuckles

8. Spine

Least Painful:

1. Shoulder

2. Thigh

3. Butt

4. Upper Arm

If I didn’t list a particular part of your body you are interested in knowing about, just keep this in mind: the more bony and less fatty an area on your body is the more painful that tattoo is going to be, due to the fact that there is nothing there to help take the pain expect for your nerves and skin. Also keep in mind that your some of the places that are listed as the least painful maybe painful to you, depending on how well you can handle pain.

The Best Tattoo Artist

I get asked this question a lot – “Who is the best tattoo artist and where are they located?” I have always found this a difficult question to answer because every tattooist has their own unique skills and tattoos that they prefer inking over others. So the answer to this question would have to be personal preference. It is therefore your decision on which tattoo artist you choose to use.

Skills to look for in a good tattoo artist:

#1 Friendly, and easy to talk to through the whole process
Being able to communicate clearly with your artist is crucial as it lets him/her know exactly what you want with your tattoo design. A good artist should walk you through each step of the tattooing process and make you feel as comfortable as possible. Getting a tattoo for the first time can be quite frightening since you don’t know what to expect, but a good tattoo artist will make everything clear to you before they begin inking.

#2 Find which tattoos they are confident inking onto your body
A good tattoo artist should be skilled and confident in inking a number of different designs, but more often than not they tend to have a few personal favorites which they like to ink. I know of one tattooist who said he enjoyed inking angel wing tattoo designs, and as a result he had pictures to show of some stunning angel wing tattoo designs that he did in the past that looked fantastic. Find out what tattoos your tattooist enjoys inking, but don’t be put off if he doesn’t mention the design you want. Like I mentioned before, a good tattooist should be skilled in inking all designs not matter what the type.

So to conclude, make sure you consider a wide variety of factors when looking for the best tattoo artist. Often it comes down to personal preferences, word-of-mouth and past experiences you or others have had with different artists which will help you make your decision.